Understanding your audience

Check out our latest brand video – for Firecracker! If you can’t do it for yourself, who can you do it for, right? After a lot of head scratching, soul searching and brain storming we decided it was time that we put our cards on the table. Tell everyone what it is we do and why we do it so well. There are an infinite number of agencies out there, all vying for the same business, what makes us special?

Of course we understand marketing, we’re all lovely people and everything we do is creative. If we didn’t have all those things right we wouldn’t be in business. But Firecracker is more than that. We go the extra mile. We take time to understand your audience. Look at the world from their perspective, interact with media as they would, and basically understand what makes them tick. To communicate this really simply, we’ve put together this brand video for your enjoyment. If you’ve got 60 seconds, why not take a peek?