Satisfying Swedish (and British) bottoms with Exterior Styles

At Firecracker we turn our ‘digital hands’ from food and drink to software and mobile phones. So it is with great dollops of pride that we annouce the highly successful conclusion of a brand new website that we’ve created for Europe’s fast-growing exterior furniture company called Exterior Styles.

Exterior Styles specialises in the ritzy outdoor sunloungers, dining suites and parasoles that you see in the best gardens and balconies across Europe – and now Sweden. Not only did we create the Exterior Styles logo but we also created a ripping website too, to launch the company’s foray in the land of Abba, Volvo and Pig Tails – where they know a thing or two about comfort and outdoor pursuits.

After we’d created the fun, exciting bits such as logos and straplines we then got down to the serious, technical stuff. This included a simple to navigate eCommerce site in Magento Go made by our techies who sit down all day in front of a computer wearing headphones and eating rice cakes.

Exterior Styles is now up and running and its products all ready to entice Swedish bottoms. So if you also want the sort of garden furniture that the seriously rich buy; such as Russian billionaires, local councillors and dentists – but for far less money – the site is live at where you can indulge yourself. Oh yes, and look out for the digital advertising campaign we’re working on.