Our campaign gets ‘Shanghaied’

It’s nice when you can take an idea as far as it can go – and our latest design and promotion concept went all the way from London to Shanghai, China.

Earlier in the year we created a nifty promotional campaign for Sud de France wine (one of our favourite clients). The campaign included posters, copy and a whizzy promotional mechanic all designed to promote the Sud de France wine and food region at a well received Joie de Vivre Festival on London’s ever so trendy South Bank.

Little did we know that our visuals proved so appealing that those far-sighted Sud de France wine people also took the design concept, the stand and the posters to represent their Brand at the next Joie De Vivre Festival in Shanghai. Now many things can get lost in translation, but our gloriously blue and yellow art deco designs and images seemed to go down a treat – without any changes or re-writes.

Designed to promote the food, wine and culture of France’s Languedoc-Roussillon region, the campaign was headlined: Get A Taste For The South of France and featured classic 30s styled posters along with a fully up to date augmented reality wine promotion. Formidable!

The Shanghai event took place from Sep 27-29 and following its successful run in London as well, the Joie de Vivre Festival is off to Rio later this month.

So, if Firecracker can play its part in promoting French wine, food and lifestyle to the Chinese, think how we could give your brand a bit of a push? Oui?